Secrets No More (by Goretti Kyomuhendo)

Secrets No More (by Goretti Kyomuhendo)

Secrets No More

First published in 1999, Secrets no More is a moving story written by Goretti Kyomuhendo. The plot is set in Rwanda and Uganda during the genocide. It is a tale of so many disappointments and betrayal but in the end, love overcomes all.

“She must not miss what I missed after my parents were killed……she must grow up like a true princess”, Mukundane says of her new born baby girl.

Mukundane is a Tutsi woman married to Bizimungu a Hutu and Marina, the baby girl is their long awaited child. Having lost both parents during the anti Tutsi riots in 1959, Mukundane is portrayed as a moody person, always worrying. That is why she vows to give her child the world.

The story unfolds as years later; the genocide war breaks out in Rwanda. The Hutu are out to eliminate all Tutsi, and Hutu married to Tutsi are considered enemies, abanzi and must be eliminated too. Although Bizimana is a government minister, his family is not an exception, and Marina watches in horror as her father, mother and siblings are all murdered in the most brutal way. Young as she is Marina learns of betrayal when she seeks solace in Chantal, her family’s long serving live-in helper. Instead Chantal calls the murderers after her! That is when she decides to go as far away from Kigali as possible.

The writer now brings us to Hoima, Uganda where Marina is brought to live in an orphanage by a white missionary Father Marcel. It is here that she grows into a responsible and courageous young woman under the orphans’ guardian, Sister Bernadette. Just when her wounds are beginning to heal, she is betrayed once again by her friend, Matayo a catechist at the parish. She gets pregnant but feels no love for her child. So she revolves to start her life afresh in a new place.

Once in the city, she meets George Walusimbi, a big time conman, but who charades himself as a business man. George is a friend to Marina’s adoptive family.

The plot peaks as the two get married, and it is this marriage that will bring out all the hidden truths and there will be secrets no more. Marina is a strong and courageous woman, for no matter how big the fall is, she is always able to rise and start again. A good book about courage, endurance and patience, for “good things always come to those who wait”.

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